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  • Our vision for Gratts Learning Academy for Young Scholars' (GLAYS) is to transform all children into young scholars and ultimately, into graduates of higher education. We expect students will come to understand the importance of social justice and being of service, and that they will become leaders and agents of change in their communities and the world.

                School of Literacy and Numeracy: Our vision is for all students to have a strong academic foundation with a love of learning. 

                School of Leadership and Social Justice: Our vision is for all students to apply 21st century skills as they build the capacity to become agents of change and models of civic responsibility. 


  • Our mission is for teachers, staff, parents, and community members to be conscientious advocates for children.  We will prepare and motivate students to be global, critical thinkers, socially just scholars, and citizens who share an expectation or pursuing a higher education. 

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